Foreigners can face some difficulties in their search for free Chinese movies online, not least because of how hard Chinese is to learn! This article lists some popular, free websites featuring Chinese films.

Most sites featuring movies are only available if your IP is in China. If you don’t live in mainland China, you won’t have access to Chinese movies. Using a VPN service with a server in China is the best solution. These virtual private networks hide your real IP, replacing it with a fake one that makes it look like you’re in China, thereby bypassing geographical restrictions.

Without further ado, let’s get to the movies!

This is China’s national CCTV Movie Channel’s official site. You can see movies, videos, movie stars, movie rankings, and read movie blogs. According to the latest data, this site features 1,400 genuine HD movies with a few new ones added to the database every day. M1905 is really great. It doesn’t involve any copyright restrictions, and people can watch all its films anywhere in the world for free, at once.


Widely heralded as the Chinese YouTube, this movie channel boasts a large number of both Chinese and international movies, including many great hits. Again, all of the movies on here are available only with an IP in China due to copyright restrictions. Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or Cyberghost if you want to watch movies on Youku outside mainland China.


Most people even outside China have heard of QQ, the most popular instant messenger in the Asian country. It has a film channel called QQ Movie, which is also extremely popular. The site gives access to the latest domestic and international movies.

Apart from these three, you can also watch Chinese movies on sites like and Yahoo Video. Happy watching!